POSTPONED – TBD: The Challenges of Recruitment in 2020


With unemployment dipping to historical lows at the end of 2019, recruiting in 2020 is more difficult than ever. Sourcing and hiring the right talent for your organization is challenging, and today’s tight labor market presents some unique problems as well as some opportunities. To deal with the challenges, employers need to expand the geographic areas in which they recruit, provide relocation benefits, or think about offering remote work options when possible. This webinar will take you through the specific recruitment obstacles that companies are facing and provide options for surmounting them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the challenges of recruiting in 2020
  • Discover why “Speed and Flexibility” are key to recruiting today
  • Learn how a compelling employer brand is crucial to recruiting top talent
  • Find out what’s involved in outsourcing your recruitment efforts and whether it’s something you want to consider