November 20: The Power of Listening (FREE)



Knowing what your people are thinking and how they are feeling is critically important to advancing your mission. Identifying areas of excellence (so you can do more) and uncovering area of concern (so you can implement solutions) is only possible if you truly listen to your people. “Employee satisfaction” is only a part of the story.  Employee satisfaction only measures the fundamental level of well-being an employee feels. We believe that “Employee engagement” goes far beyond. When employees are engaged, rather than just satisfied, they become external Ambassadors for the mission, values and community presence of School.


  • Why what you think you know may not be what your people are actually concerned about
  • Identify strategies and tactics to continually keep your finger on the pulse of your staff
  • How to turn “listening” into continual positive action
  • Focusing on “Employee Engagement” to significantly impact strong and motivated professionals, willing to expend extra effort and drive your mission and goals.