Now You Can Hire from Anywhere, On Any Device

Access a Network of Form I-9 Experts

Hiring remotely is painless when you have access to 12,000 trained notaries in our network. All of our notaries are trained on our remote hire system, and proficient in completing Form I-9’s accurately and compliantly. We’ve also removed the hassle and logistics of finding a location to process your new hire. Our notaries will travel to your location to greet your new hire, assisting them to complete their Form I-9.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our web-based tools make it easy to hire remotely, using the technology of your choice. Complete remote I-9s on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. New hires can also conveniently capture secure images of Section 2 documents with any mobile camera, and upload them instantly to our secure system.

Increasingly, more companies are relying on a broader, global talent pool to recruit individuals in a variety of fields and industries. Many new hires take place in areas where an employer representative is not present, creating a logistical challenge. Additionally, companies find themselves racing against the clock to complete Form I-9s at a remote location, within the required three days after the date of hire.

Our remote-hire software solutions eliminate the hassle and logistics of a remote hire, and reduce the Form I-9 processing time from days to minutes. I-9s can be completed on a computer, smart-phone, or tablet.

100% paperless and mobile-enabled, our software solution is customizable, allowing the user to configure the software and organize Form I-9s to their liking. Organize Form I-9s by group or region. Our easy-to-use software also offers the employee and the employer the convenience of signing Form I-9 documents with their mouse, stylus, or finger, depending on what device they are using.

Reduce I-9 processing times from days to minutes easily with this one of kind solution and ensure you’re truly compliant when hiring remotely.