The Only Cloud-Based, Mobile-Enabled, Form I-9 Compliance Solution You’ll Ever Need

Cloud-Based and Mobile-Enabled

Accomplish more in less time with the most compliant cloud-based, mobile-enabled Form I-9 solution available. Our solution is accessible via smart phone, tablet or computer, providing you the most flexibility. Electronic signature options and instant submission to E-Verify (optional) help you streamline efficiency with every new hire.

Reduced Risk of Government Fines

Developed by leading immigration attorneys and technology experts, our software reduces the risk of government fines by providing your team with the tools to create virtually error-proof Form I-9s. Upon completion of a new Form I-9, our software automatically secures, digitally stores, and provides easy search and retrieval of Form I-9s and audit trails.

Designed for walk-up usability, our wizard-driven system offers customization, and seamless integration with your existing HR and onboarding software. Our real-time data validation feature signals invalid data entry as the user types, minimizing the risk of human error, resulting in compliant I-9s every time.

Our I-9 system safeguards your company’s sensitive information with a Tier-3 SSAE data center that adheres to the most highly recognized security and compliance standards, including ISO 27002, PCI DSS, SOC 1 and many others.

Avoid missed deadlines with our “notify me” feature, or easily manage other deadlines from the dashboard, including Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC) notices. Our smart system will keep your records up-to-date by sending the user an email notification every time an employee’s work authorization is about to expire; and expired Form I-9s will be automatically purged, according to the three year/one year rule.

Our truly compliant solution meets federal requirements and is always up-to-date with ever changing government regulations to help ensure that your organization is in full compliance.