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Project Description

Our comprehensive Respectful Workplace Program provides everyone in your company with the information they need in today’s workplace. Your Managers get the tools to prevent or respond to inappropriate workplace issues. Your employees are made aware of how they directly contribute to a respectful workplace as well as unacceptable behaviors to avoid. Respect in the workplace boosts employee productivity and morale as well as greatly reducing the potential liabilities of an employer.


Our training is time efficient, tightly focused, hard-hitting, and provides the tools necessary to enhance your respectful workplace. Manager’s sessions are 1.25 hours and employee sessions are 45 minutes, minimizing your employee downtime.

Our Respectful Workplace Program includes:

  • A review of your organization’s current Sexual Harassment policy or providing you with a fully compliant policy if you do not have one.
  • Presenting our Respectful Workplace training to your managers and staff. The training includes:
    • Sexual harassment prevention
    • Workplace violence prevention
    • Acceptable use of all electronic communication including social media
    • A clear reporting structure for your employees
  • Written acknowledgement by each employee that they attended the training and are aware of their responsibilities.


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