Andover Audio

The Benefits of Partnering with HR Knowledge Are Loud and Clear for Andover Audio

“They offered everything I was looking for. Their team has the experience and connections to negotiate insurance rates and the industry expertise to be a general HR advisor for any issue that comes up.”

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BostonbeaN Coffee Company

HR Knowledge Keeps HR Function Well Grounded at BostonbeaN Coffee Company

“I was amazed by how quickly and seamlessly they transitioned everything over from the PEO. They took charge of our HR and payroll processing and never looked back. Although they are not on-site, the HR Knowledge team is a very visible part of our company.”

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Butler Automatic

HR Knowledge Relieves HR Burden for Industry Leader

“Their service is excellent and their response time is quick. Also, our client account manager always provides explicit instructions on what needs to be done by what deadline. They are truly part of the Butler team.”

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Center for Social Innovation (C4)

HR Knowledge Offers One-Stop Shop for Mission-Orientated Organization

“I am incredibly pleased with the overall service and responsiveness of everyone at HR Knowledge,” says Nayenday. “I always get a live person when I call or someone calls me back within a few hours. It seems that everyone, from the principals of the company to my client account manager, is just a quick phone call away. I feel very well supported, and as a result, I can do my own job more easily and C4 can focus on its social mission.”

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Prospect Hill Academy Charter School

Charter School Learns the Benefits of HR Outsourcing

“HR Knowledge allows us to do more with less and to remain compliant with the constantly changing regulatory environment. They’ve removed important yet time-consuming administrative tasks, such as payroll and employee benefits, from our daily operations, so we can concentrate on providing a quality learning experience.”

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Yale Appliance & Lighting

Employee Benefits Program Shines at Yale Appliance & Lighting

“I’ve never worked with a broker that has gone to bat for us so deeply and consistently. HR Knowledge always has our best interest in mind, and they are my first HR resource when I have a need.”

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