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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) presents employers with one of the most complicated compliance challenges in history. As a result, the rules of workforce management have changed. Companies now face additional compliance risks, increased complexity and potential confusion about who needs to do what, and when. With the right resources, technology, and regulatory expertise, HR Knowledge and ADP Health Compliance can help.

Together, we understand that ACA compliance is complicated and can be a time-consuming administrative hassle. We have partnered with ADP to ensure your compliance. ADP’s Workforce Now compliance tool for ACA provides you with the payroll, hours worked, and benefits information you need to complete Form 1094/1095-c for all your employees. This new tool comes at a cost, but gives you a way to manage crucial elements of health care reform, including assessing affordability, and providing a critical Regulatory Management solution that helps you identify and address compliance issues before they become a problem. Our HR Knowledge/ADP service includes:

  • Full-service filing assistance
  • Integrated human capital management (HCM) analytics
  • An innovative and intuitive dashboard
  • Sending notices of coverage to employees
  • Managing exchange notices
  • Creating annual health care reports (Forms 1094/1095-c)
  • Reconciling ACA penalties

If you are not using an ACA compliance tool, you will be required to manually create a 1094/1095 for each employee; not filing this form or filing it incorrectly will subject you to penalties. We strongly suggest you take action to comply with the ACA. HR Knowledge and ADP have partnered to offload this responsibility; if you are interested in signing up for our HR Knowledge/ADP program, please email and we will provide you with the costs to ensure compliance.