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We live in an era of constant innovation and change, and COVID-19 has taken this to a new level. As year-end approaches — a time those of us in HR are typically planning for the upcoming year — what better time to review your company’s documents, systems, and HR administrative practices to gain a competitive head start on planning next year’s operational focus and strategic initiatives? Wait, but how do we plan for a year when so much is unknown, and the world is just not cooperating? We do as HR always does: we plan, and we do the best we can.
HRK has put together this planner as a Top 10 list to help you and your organization prepare for 2021. And don’t worry, when the emergencies come — as they always do — we are just a phone call away.
As 2020 comes to an end, employers should begin to think about how they are going to ensure compliance with new laws, as well as put best practices in place that will create a more positive new year. We expect these tools to continue to be prominent for most workplaces going into 2021 and beyond. What are some HR topics and trends you anticipate? From asking the right questions when interviewing, to workplace harassment, leave management, and beyond, we make sense of local, state, and federal laws that can apply to the daily needs of your HR Professionals, Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and your entire workforce. Our team develops tools and resources to support employers going into 2021 and the future.
The bottom line? We’re not just another cloud-based technology company that also does HR, #WeAreHR. Get the Scoop on how we can help you simplify HR.


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