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How Charter Schools Obtain “Large Company” Benefits At Low Cost

By May 17, 2012February 19th, 2015No Comments

istock_000008799357xsmallWe are excited to announce that in June, HR Knowledge will exhibit at the 2012 National Charter Schools Conference in Minneapolis.  As you probably already know, we launched a Charter School division last autumn and now provide comprehensive, integrated group benefits, financial services, payroll processing and human resource services to more than 60 Charter Schools across the nation.

One of the key reasons we have experienced such rapid growth is simply the fact that we have the expertise to address the specific payroll, HR, retirement and benefit challenges that Charter Schools encounter.  We take the burden of these tasks – which can be time-consuming, tedious, error-prone and downright expensive when not managed or implemented effectively – off of Charter School staff, so that concentration is focused on the critical aspects of education.

We have mastered the easy-to-use, scalable technology that other companies can only promise. We can help to minimize operational risks, reduce administrative costs and reduce benefit costs.

We specialize in meeting the specific needs of Charter Schools:

  • Retirement Management and Expertise
  • Group Benefits Support
  • Specialized Reporting and Audit Support
  • Human Resource Support

By outsourcing HR services, Charter Schools can realize a cost savings of up to 60 PERCENT over those who maintain in-house HR staff and administration.  In addition to these cost savings, HR Knowledge can negotiate the best price on healthcare plans for Charter School providers.

The Bottom Line

HR Knowledge delivers large-company benefits and services to Charter School staff at a fraction of the cost, with the human touch that all staff will appreciate..