April 12: How To Document Effectively




As HR Professionals we recognize the importance of documenting employees’ performance, leave of absence, in fact — any workplace issue. The real challenge is how to teach managers how to document appropriately.

We all know that HR documentation is incredibly important to your business, but do we all know how to do it? This webinar will cover seven key elements to make documenting easier, practical, and less time-consuming while still protecting the best interests of both your organization and employees.

Learning Objectives

  • What you need to document
  • When you need to document
  • What information should be included in documentation
  • How to document and decide if “formal” or “informal” documentation is appropriate
  • The key elements of an effective Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)/Written Warning
  • Understanding key laws surrounding personnel files and documentation
  • Completing the process and how to appropriately store documentation