December 16: Emerging Trends in 2021 — Your Strategic HR Planning Guide to Set Your Organization Up for Success


We live in an era of constant innovation and change, and this is no different for HR in 2021. Year-end is approaching, and what better time to review your company’s documents, systems, and HR administrative practices to gain a competitive head start on planning next year’s operational focus and strategic initiatives? HR Knowledge has compiled a complete guide of common year-end HR tasks ranging from state and federal compliance to salary administration to hiring and staffing — all to help you prepare for 2021. Join our webinar for the review of our HR Strategic Planning Guide.

Learning Objectives:

  • Latest HR trends
  • Compliance with major state and federal laws passed in 2020
  • Important record retention guidance
  • Initiatives that should be on every employer’s to-do list for 2021
  • What role HR should be playing in the future