February 8: Managing a Hybrid Workplace




You cannot go 24 hours nowadays without hearing the buzz-term “hybrid workplace.” Many workplaces in today’s business environment are now a mix of in-person and remote. We held a webinar in 2022 on the reality of managing a Remote Workforce, but what about managers who are playing double and sometimes triple duty? Managers must incorporate methods to manage fully remote, hybrid, and in-office teams, all at the same time. This webinar provides a unique look at the challenges when managing hybrid workplaces.

Learning Objectives

  • What’s unique for leadership in the new “hybrid” workplace
  • The importance of setting clear expectations and location boundaries
  • Why up-to-date job descriptions matter even more now
  • Identify key components and tools of a productive hybrid workforce
  • Running meetings that are productive for on-site and remote team members to avoid “zoom burnout”
  • Understanding and applying “Fairness”
  • Why consistency and written policies matters