January 12: Engaging the Workforce in a Remote World – Going Beyond the Virtual Happy Hour


Remote Workplace Series
In this increasingly popular remote workforce movement, depending on where your employee is located, you and your team members may never meet face-to-face; and outside of Zoom calls, remote employees will more than likely be spending a significant amount of time alone, which can create teamwork, collaboration, and culture integration challenges.

This webinar will give you the tools you need to engage your remote or distributed workforce so that every employee feels like an integral part of your team.

Learning Objectives:

  • What can employers and leaders do to be proactive in minimizing the obstacles remote employees will face?
  • How to revamp your employee onboarding to ensure remote employees are receiving the same “welcome” as if they were physically at the workplace
  • Fostering a sense of “teamwork” among team members who may rarely or never see each other
  • Why HRK believes in the 30-60-90-day review model for new hires, especially in the remote world
  • Why one-on-ones and team check-ins are a necessity
  • Creating streamlined team goals/expectations and visibility into projects/deadlines so everyone is in the know
  • What’s missing from our texts, emails, conference calls, and other digital communications?
  • How to use technology to your advantage to improve remote team cohesiveness