January 13: How to Conduct Impactful Performance Reviews — Remotely


COVID-19 has dramatically affected organizations across the world. It has forced most of us into 100% remote work for months. Many businesses are grappling with how to have an effective performance review process in a remote environment. Regularly occurring performance evaluations are a major component of professional development and of meeting your business objectives.

An impactful performance review process lets your team know how well they’re performing and how to achieve their business and professional goals, but what happens when those goals had to be put on hold or take a drastic shift? And with most parents balancing work and remote schooling, or taking care of elderly parents, how do you make sure you’re fair-minded, given everyone’s different circumstances?

Learning Objectives:

  • Why performance evaluations matter
  • How do you fairly evaluate your employees’ performance at such a challenging time?
  • How much should you consider the impact of Covid-19 on your assessment?
  • How to reinforce positive behaviors while identifying areas that need improvement in order to drive performance
  • How to assess your current evaluation process
  • How to have impactful performance discussions remotely