June 14: How To Define Professionalism in Today’s Workplace




An organization where professional behavior is exhibited by all staff members is essential both internally and externally. The definition of “professional” has changed over time and is open to interpretation — to an extent professionalism at work depends on your industry and your company’s culture. We can likely agree that professionalism is not the job someone does, but rather how they do it.

The differing expectations of employees, clients, customers, vendors, and others on the meaning of professionalism have been intensified by the in-person/hybrid/remote workplace of today. While there are different expectations across industries, there are some common norms that employers may want to consider. This webinar will look at six trends of being professional in today’s workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Why professional appearance matters
  • The meaning of “on-time”
  • The impact of technology
  • Professionalism in virtual/hybrid meetings
  • Making personal connections
  • Reinforcing professional behaviors