June 22: Creating a Culture of Accountability


Webinar Wednesday Series: Building High-Performing Cultures

HR Knowledge has partnered with CultureWise to present this webinar series on building high-performing culture companies. According to CultureWise, “Extraordinary performance comes from extraordinary people. And the foundation for extraordinary people is an extraordinary culture.”

In this series we will share best practices that help strengthen your company’s competitive edge through identifying and deepening your culture.


Accountability is proactive, not reactive. Mistakes are not about placing the blame, but about finding solutions and learning from mistakes that have been made. Without accountability an organization can quickly become chaotic. So how can leaders at all levels create and encourage a culture of accountability? This webinar will give you the tools you need to begin to create a culture of accountability.  The webinar will cover strategies to “hard wire” accountability throughout your organization.

  • Understanding the difference between responsibility and accountability
  • How to embed and reinforce accountability
  • What is the “Ultimate” Accountability?
  • The steps in creating a culture of accountability
  • Accountability as the key to better management