March 9: Measuring Performance in a Hybrid/Remote Workforce


Remote Workplace Series
Our first webinar of the series focused on employee needs; our second focused on supporting managers. In our last webinar of this remote series, we’ll examine the collaboration between employees and managers when it comes to impactful performance management.

Providing impactful performance management tools is key to empowering your managers to achieve your organization’s goals and objectives. No matter where your managers and employees are located, they need to understand how well they are performing and how to meet or exceed expectations. Adapting to this new remote workforce reality includes effective performance evaluations, coaching, and discipline.

This webinar will give you practical tips for successfully managing your remote team and combating the “out of sight, out of mind” thinking.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to build a foundation of trust and open communication
  • The differences between remote and in-person evaluations and how to excel at both
  • Why incorporating job descriptions in the review process is more important than ever in the remote workplace
  • How to deliver difficult messages remotely
  • Why setting expectations and holding employees accountable is critical in a remote setting; consider going back to the future with SMART Goals
  • How you can foster two-way feedback when you’re not even in the same building (or city, or state…)
  • Review the superpower of the “recap email”
  • The difference between coaching and discipline and how to use each effectively