May 25: Sustaining a Great Culture in a Remote Work Environment


Webinar Wednesday Series: Building High-Performing Cultures

HR Knowledge has partnered with CultureWise to present this webinar series on building high-performing culture companies. According to CultureWise, “Extraordinary performance comes from extraordinary people. And the foundation for extraordinary people is an extraordinary culture.”

In this series we will share best practices that help strengthen your company’s competitive edge through identifying and deepening your culture.


Great communication and a positive work culture can help a team go further than just helping them implement their projects. Teams with positive cultures have a greater sense of accountability, and fewer negative outcomes. This webinar will give you the tools you need to begin to sustain a great culture, even in a remote work environment.   The webinar will cover specific strategies to build an environment where team members thrive and stay connected.

  • The 2 critical “must do’s” to set yourself up for success
  • Actionable steps to build a stronger, more resilient culture
  • How to make sure your culture thrives in a remote reality
  • The specific steps required in building a world-class culture