November 18: The Annual Office Holiday Party in a #MeToo, Cannabis Revolution World


Is it becoming ‘Tis the season not to throw an office holiday party? While many of us look forward to having an annual holiday party with our coworkers, issues can come up during these events that cause trouble for employers. Sexual harassment complaints, assault allegations, and too much alcohol are a few of the problems that have become more common over the years. Unfortunately, celebrating the holidays with coworkers can create a high risk of liability for employers — but they should not cancel the holiday party just yet. Rather than removing an event from everyone’s calendars, the focus should be on encouraging and expecting appropriate behavior, and not just at holiday parties, but throughout the entire work year.

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Learning Objectives:

  • The realities of the #MeToo holiday party
  • Educating your people on their responsibilities
  • The impact of legal recreational marijuana
  • Educating employees on expected behaviors at holiday parties and beyond
  • How to best protect your people from harm and your organization from litigation