October 12: Work-From-Home Accommodation Requests in the COVID Era: What Does the ADA Require?



Work-from-home requests were on the increase even before COVID-19. Many employees sent home to work during the pandemic either cannot or do not want to return to the physical work site. As employers increasingly begin to require at least a partial “return to the office,” they are facing an onslaught of requests to continue working from home.  Employers must determine whether or not they should – or must – provide employees with remote work arrangements.  In this webinar, we will discuss the pre-and post-COVID legal authority about what the ADA requires on this front, as well as practical strategies for reviewing and analyzing remote work requests.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding an employer’s ability to set the location of an employee’s work, and limits on that ability
  • Reviewing EEOC guidance and ADA case law regarding remote work accommodations, both pre-and post-COVID 19
  • How to handle work-from-home requests as an ADA accommodation, including sample medical provider questions
  • Reviewing a “test case” to understand how to apply the principles discussed.