October 13: The Roaring 20s Holiday Party? Be Careful What You Wish For


There has never been a time when employees will look forward to their company holiday party more than fresh off a pandemic. Interestingly, there are a host of parallels between current global conditions and those prior to the Roaring 20s: the end of a pandemic, the proliferation of new technologies, a transport revolution, political polarization, emerging international rivalries, and a soaring stock market.

While many of us look forward to having an in-person annual holiday party with our coworkers again, employers need to be prepared for potential problems. Sexual harassment complaints, assault allegations, and too much alcohol are just a few of the issues that have become more common over the years at company holiday parties…..and let’s be honest, ain’t no party going to be like a post-pandemic party! Unfortunately, celebrating with coworkers can create a high risk of liability for employers. Join our webinar for some valuable tips and best practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • The realities of the post-pandemic holiday party
  • How to control behaviors at holiday parties
  • Protecting the company from litigation
  • Best practices for a safe (and lawsuit-free) holiday party