Three-Part Dive into Summer Manager Series



We are constantly asked by our clients, “How do we best train our managers?” Beginning with this summer series, we will be providing a monthly manager-focused topic that will improve the skills and knowledge of your managers regardless of their experience.

This series will focus on everyday issues that challenge managers. It will provide them with practical tools to maximize their effectiveness in a variety of areas.

Each month we will feature a subject of importance to managers at all organizations. By completing all three programs your managers will be much better equipped to meet your business objectives. Our Dive into Summer Manager series webinars are 1 hour in length, and will provide HRCI & SHRM credits. 

This Three-Part program is suitable for managers at any level. For group registration discounts please contact us.

June 21: Hire the Best Talent
Hiring the right people is one of your managers most important responsibilities. This training program takes your managers from the initial decision to hire someone to selecting candidates, interviewing applicants, and making an offer. The world of recruiting and hiring has changed dramatically. Now, your managers are potentially going to be hiring people they’ve never physically met. The world of remote work requires employers to adopt new and enhanced candidate identification and interviewing techniques throughout the process. This training is our “how to” guide to selecting the right candidates and conducting effective interviews, and will also help ensure that your hiring is done in a legally compliant, nondiscriminatory manner.

Learning Objectives:

  • Creating a scalable hiring process
  • Conducting a planned approach to interviewing
  • Identifying and assessing desired candidate characteristics
  • Developing behavioral based, legally compliant questions
  • Evaluating responses and assessing qualifications of candidates

July 26: Providing Productive Feedback
Whether you call it constructive criticism, corrective action, performance improvement, coaching or discipline, the process of providing productive feedback is critical to ensure improvement. But it can be hard to do. This training will provide your managers with the knowledge and practical tools to have meaningful and impactful interactions. Most importantly, it will provide your managers with the confidence to drive improvement positively and/or to overcome resistance when necessary.

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowing when to act
  • Identifying the two circumstances when feedback is necessary
  • How do you handle each of the two effectively
  • Why trust matters
  • The critical importance of follow through

August 23: How to Terminate Effectively, Respectfully, and with Minimized Risk
Making the decision to end someone’s employment and then conducting the termination meeting are two of the most challenging responsibilities of a manager. Our How to Terminate Effectively, Respectfully, and Minimize Risk training provides your managers with the strategies, tools, and best practices to ensure that your termination process is handled in the most appropriate way possible. Whether the termination is For Cause, Not for Cause, or a Layoff, this training will provide practical and effective approaches to what is an inherently difficult process.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to know when to act
  • How to be fully prepared
  • What preliminary steps you should take
  • How to minimize the risk of litigation
  • Why respect matters

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