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December 2018

[three_fourth]12/7/18 – Westchester NY Passes Earned Sick Time[/three_fourth]

November 2018

[three_fourth]11/13/18 – Illinois Enacts New Military Leave Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/12/18 – CT Court Rules for Woman Denied Employment for Medical Marijuana Use[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/5/18 – Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) – Deadline November 30, 2018 – UPDATE[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/2/18 – California Amends Pay Records Law[/three_fourth]

October 2018

[three_fourth]10/24/18 – California Makes It Easier to Bring Sexual Harassment Claims[/three_fourth]

[three_fourth]10/23/18 – Michigan Passes Earned Sick Leave Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/19/18 – California Expands Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/16/18 – New Jersey Enacts Paid Sick Leave Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/15/18 – New York State Issues Final Guidance on Sexual Harassment[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/11/18 – Massachusetts Amends “Ban-the-Box” Law Effective October 13, 2018[/three_fourth]

September 2018

[three_fourth]9/26/18 – Massachusetts Amends Law on Memorial and Veterans Day Leave Entitlements — Updated Policy Provided[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/25/18 – Delaware Expands Sexual Harassment Protections and Mandates Workplace Training[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/24/18 – Employers at Greater Risk for ICE I-9 Audits[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/20/18 – Three Uber Drivers Deemed Employees in new York Ruling Employers with 1099s Should Take Note[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/20/18 – Illinois Expands Workplace Protections for Nursing Mothers[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/20/18 – Michigan Expands Antidiscrimination Provisions to Cover Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation – Updated Policy Included[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/17/18 – Action Required: NYC Sexual Harassment Law Poster Requirements Effective September 6[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/17/18 – Updated Model FMLA Forms Now Available[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/18 – Action Required – California Publishes Sexual Harassment Model Policy[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/10/18 – Rhode Island Prohibits E-Cigarettes in the Workplace[/three_fourth]

August 2018

[three_fourth]8/02/18 – VETS 4212 Filing Window is August 1 – September 30[/three_fourth]

July 2018

[three_fourth]7/26/18 – Update on the DOL’s Expiring Model FMLA Forms[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/24/18 – Are the Costs of Being Noncompliant Worth the Risk?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/19/18 – Massachusetts and San Francisco Amend Ban the Box Laws[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/16/18 – Massachusetts Adopts Paid Family and Medical Leave Program and Boosts Minimum Wage[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/9/18 – South Carolina Enacts Pregnancy Accommodation Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/2/18 – Anti-Harassment Law Updates[/three_fourth]

June 2018

[three_fourth]6/28/18 – State and Local Minimum Wage Rates Increasing July 1, 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/22/18 – Rhode Island Releases Finalized Sick Leave Regulations[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/18/18 – Connecticut Enacts Salary History Ban[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/15/18 – Vermont Bans Salary History Inquiries[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/7/18 – California Supreme Court Adopts New Independent Contractor Test[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/4/18 – OSHA’s Form 330A Electronic Submission Requirement Now Applies to All States[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/1/18 – 30-Day Countdown to MA Equal Pay Act – Are You Ready? [/three_fourth]

May 2018

[three_fourth]5/31/18 – New York State and City Expand Anti-Harassment Training Requirements for Employers[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/24/18 – The DOL’s Model FMLA Forms are expiring on May 31, 2018. Now what?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/21/18 – EEO-1 Reporting Deadline Extended to June 1, 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/18/18 – DOL Replaces Guidance on Employee Classification[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/14/18 – Spring is a Great Time to Dust Off your Employee Handbook[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/10/18 – San Francisco Amends Ban the Box Law[/three_fourth]

April 2018

[three_fourth]4/23/18 – New Jersey Goes Beyond Gender in New Equal Pay Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/9/18 – Rhode Island Releases Sick Leave Proposed Regulations[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/8/18 – Hilb Group Teams with HR Knowledge for Human Resources Solutions[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/5/18 – Less than 90 days until MA Pay Equity Law Takes Effect[/three_fourth]

March 2018

[three_fourth]3/29/18 – MA Court Rules that Sick Pay Does Not Constitute Wages[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/26/18 – MA Attorney General Issues Guidance on New Pay Equity Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/19/18 – MA Pregnant Workers Fairness Act takes effect April 1, 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/12/18 – Roundup of State and Local HR Legislative Highlights[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/8/18 – NYC Amends Human Rights Law to Require Cooperative Dialogue[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/7/18 – Update – New York State Paid Family Leave[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/5/18 – Employee Engagement Solutions for Schools[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/2/18 – DOL Releases Updated Model CHIP Notice[/three_fourth]

February 2018

[three_fourth]2/26/18 – IRS Releases Interim Guidance on Form W-4[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/22/18 – Federal and State Mini-COBRA[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/21/18 – It’s Tax Season Again: Watch out for Dangerous W-2 Phishing Scam[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/14/18 – Online Tax Withholding Forms Now Available in ADP Workforce Now[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/13/18 – New California Law Bans Salary History Inquiries[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/6/18 – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Benefits Implications for Employers[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/2/18 – It’s Time to Review and Update Your Employment Policies[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/1/18 – Arizona Releases Final Paid Sick Time Rules[/three_fourth]

January 2018

[three_fourth]1/31/18 – EEO-1 Survey for 2017 Must Be Submitted by March 31[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/30/18 – Intern or Employee? DOL adopts new test to decide[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/25/18 – New Jersey Amends “Ban the Box” Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/18/18 – Employers must post OSHA Form 300A on February 1[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/11/18 – Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/8/18 – ACA deadlines for filing Forms 1094C and 1095C for 2017[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/3/18 – MA Pay Equity Law goes into effect July 1, 2018[/three_fourth]

December 2017

[three_fourth]12/27/17 – 2018 Federal and State Minimum Wage Increases[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/22/17 – UPDATE – IRS Inflation Adjustments for 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/21/17 – IRS Releases 2018 Standard Mileage Rates[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/20/17 – New York State Paid Family Leave Effective January 1, 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/15/17 – Minimum Wage & Labor Law changes effective January 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/14/17 – OSHA deadline for 2016 data submission is December 15[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/6/17 – EEOC launches online portal for Employment Discrimination Charges[/three_fourth]

November 2017

[three_fourth]11/28/17IRS issues new guidance on Qualified Small Employer HRAs[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/27/17IRS issues ‘Pay or Play’ enforcement guidance[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/15/17HR Knowledge acquired by The Hilb Group, LLC[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/9/17Minimum Wage Increases for 2018[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/3/17IRS Releases Inflation Adjustments for 2018[/three_fourth]

October 2017

[three_fourth]10/31/17 Rhode Island Passes Paid Sick Leave Legislation[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/19/17 OMB and EEOC suspend revised EEO-1 Form – Latest Update[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/11/17 Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Protection Act signed into law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/10/17 Massachusetts implements employer penalties for employees receiving Medicaid[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/3/17 Same-sex marriages, domestic partners, and COBRA[/three_fourth]

September 2017

[three_fourth]9/28/17 New York publishes final Paid Family Leave regulations[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/26/17 MA Supreme Court Rules for Woman Fired for Medical Marijuana Use[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/19/17 October 14 Deadline for Medicare Part D Notices[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/13/17 Employers Must Begin Using New I-9 Form by September 18[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/11/17 White House Suspends Pay Data Reporting on Revised EEO-1 Form[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/8/17 Washington State Passes Paid Family Leave Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/6/17 DOL Overtime Rule Struck Down[/three_fourth]

August 2017

[three_fourth]8/18/17 Deadline Extended and Requirements Expanded for EEO-1 Reporting[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/2/17 NYC Approves Ban on Salary History Questions[/three_fourth]

July 2017

[three_fourth]7/26/17 New I-9 Form Released[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/19/17 HR Knowledge Sponsors MIT Sloan CFO Summit for 15th Consecutive Year[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/12/17 DC Passes One Of Country’s Most Generous Paid Leave Laws [/three_fourth]

June 2017

[three_fourth]6/28/17 – What Employers Need to Know about New York’s Paid Family Leave [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/23/17 – Action Required: Chicago and Cook County Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Becomes Effective July 1 [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/21/17 – Recent Updates to Massachusetts CORI Regulations [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/14/17 – OSHA Delays Implementation of Electronic Recordkeeping Rule [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/7/17 – IRS Releases HSA Contribution Maximums for 2018 [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/1/17 – PCORI Fees Due July 31 [/three_fourth]

May 2017

[three_fourth]5/9/17 – House Republicans Pass Amended American Health Care Act (AHCA) [/three_fourth]

February 2017

[three_fourth]2/27/17 – Unpredictable Weather – What’s an Employer to Do? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/20/17 – Marijuana Legalization and the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/13/17 – When was the last time you updated your Employee Handbook? [/three_fourth]

January 2017

[three_fourth]1/27/17 – Action Required: Changes to ACA Annual Reporting in 2017 [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/27/17 – Reminder – The Updated Form I-9 is Now Required by the USCIS [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/17/17 – Action Required for Employers with 100 or More Employees: Revised EEO-1 Report Includes Pay Data and Hours [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/13/17 – New Year and New Minimum Wage Increases & Employment Postings for 2017 [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/13/17 – Washington Passes Statewide Paid Sick Leave Legislation [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/13/17 – IRS Releases 2017 Standard Mileage Rates [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/11/17 – Arizona Passes Paid Sick Leave Legislation [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/9/17 – San Francisco Amends Paid Parental Leave Law [/three_fourth]

[three_fourth]1/5/17 – January 31 is New Filing Deadline for W-2s and 1099s [/three_fourth]

[three_fourth]1/3/17 – California Minimum Wage Increase Effective January 1, 2017 [/three_fourth]

November 2016

[three_fourth]11/29/16New Form I-9 Released [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/23/16Breaking News: DOL’s Final Rule on Overtime Exemptions Delayed [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/15/16IRS Releases Inflation Adjustments for 2017 [/three_fourth]

October 2016

[three_fourth]10/18/16Final Rules Released for EEO-1 Pay Data Reporting and Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/13/16Health Savings Account Limits Change for 2017 [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/1/16Current Form I-9 Valid Until January 21, 2017 [/three_fourth]

September 2016

[three_fourth]9/30/16San Diego Sick Leave Law Updated [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/29/16October 15 Deadline for Medicare Part D Notices [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/23/16New York City Amends Mass Transit Benefit Rules [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/21/16Employer Marketplace Notice Has Short, 90-Day Appeal Window [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/14/16Massachusetts Passes New Overhauled Equal Pay Act [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/16Posting Action Required: FLSA and EPPA Poster Updates [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/6/16HR Knowledge’s Ken Bettenhauser will be a panel speaker at the upcoming MIT Sloan CFO Summit [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/1/16New MA Law Updates Veterans Day Leave Entitlements[/three_fourth]

August 2016

[three_fourth]8/18/16Join Our August 25 Webinar on New Overtime Restrictions[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/4/16HR Knowledge Sponsors MIT Sloan CFO Summit for 14th Consecutive Year[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/4/16EEO-1 Reports Due September 30[/three_fourth]

July 2016

[three_fourth]7/25/16Mandatory Posting Update: District of Columbia New Labor Law Postings Required[/three_fourth]

June 2016

[three_fourth]6/29/16FLSA Overtime Rule Changes: Start Preparing Now![/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/28/16PCORI Fees Due July 31[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/20/16Are you Compliant with Massachusetts Pay Frequency Requirements?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/09/16New York Passes Nation’s Strongest Paid Family Leave Program[/three_fourth]

May 2016

[three_fourth]5/20/16Department of Labor Issues Final Rule on Overtime Exemptions for White Collar Workers[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/20/16San Francisco Approves Fully Paid Parental Leave[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/10/16Overtime Rule Changes Not Final, but Employers Should Prepare[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/02/16Vermont Becomes Fifth State to Pass Paid Sick Leave Legislation [/three_fourth]

April 2016

[three_fourth]4/20/16Come Join Our HR Boot Camp and Networking Event on June 3! [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/4/16On the Hunt for Talent? Struggling to Fill Your Current Roles?[/three_fourth]

March 2016

[three_fourth]3/25/16Mandatory Posting Update: Virginia Job Safety and Health Protection[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/9/16We’re Hiring! Do you know someone looking for an exciting new opportunity?[/three_fourth]

February 2016

[three_fourth]2/16/16ACA Annual Reporting[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/15/16TASC Health Reimbursement Arrangement Announcement[/three_fourth]

January 2016

[three_fourth]1/13/16Massachusetts Earned Sick Leave Law: Are you in Compliance?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/11/16Action Required: Employment Law Poster Updates[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/7/16New Year and New Minimum Wage Increases for 2016[/three_fourth]

December 2015

[three_fourth]12/29/15Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Provisions[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/23/152016 Transit Rate Increased to $255 per Month[/three_fourth]

November 2015

[three_fourth]11/9/15IRS Announces New 2016 Benefit Plan Limits[/three_fourth]

October 2015

[three_fourth]10/21/15PACE Act Small Group Update[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/21/15Learn How You Can Reduce Your Legal Risk with Our Third Party Administration Services[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/13/15Neighborhood Health Plan partners with CVS/caremark[/three_fourth]

September 2015

[three_fourth]9/17/15October 15 Deadline for Medicare Part D Notices[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with Tufts Health Plan (THP) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with Fallon Community Health Plan (FCHP) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with United Healthcare (UHC) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/16/15Get Ready for Flu Season with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/14/15EEO-1 Reports due September 30 – Action Required for Employers with 100 or More Employees and Federal Contractors[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/9/15Tufts Health Plan Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)[/three_fourth]

August 2015

[three_fourth]8/25/15New Rhode Island Fair Employment Posting Requirement[/three_fourth]

July 2015

[three_fourth]7/10/15Action Required: Employment Law Poster Updates[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/7/15Chicago Employers Must Take Action: Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/6/15MA Employers Must Take Action: Final Earned Sick Time Regulations[/three_fourth]

June 2015

[three_fourth]6/23/15Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law Update[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/16/15Win the War for Talent with Our Outsourced Recruitment Method[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/11/15HR Knowledge Partners with SafeSchools to Support Safer School Communities[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/10/15PCORI Fees Due July 31, 2015, for Plan Years Ending in 2014[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/4/15New Massachusetts Fair Employment Posting Requirement[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/1/15MA Sick Leave Law Delayed for Some Employers[/three_fourth]

May 2015

[three_fourth]5/29/15Action Required for Employers with 50 or More Employees[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/22/15Action Required MA Employers – Important Changes to MA iCORI System[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/1/15Massachusetts Releases Proposed Regulations for Earned Sick Leave[/three_fourth]

April 2015

[three_fourth]4/27/15Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Law Effective May 13, 2015[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/24/15Massachusetts Posting Requirement Effective April 7, 2015[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/8/15California Mandatory Sick Time Law Effective July 1, 2015[/three_fourth]

March 2015

[three_fourth]3/25/15D.C. Issues Template for Required Notice[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/9/15Notice of MA Employers Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rates for 2015[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/5/15Benefit Strategies Released A Mobile Application for Android and Apple Phones[/three_fourth]

February 2015

[three_fourth]2/27/15Anthem Breach[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/24/15New Jersey Released A New State Wage and Hour Law Abstract Poster[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/20/15Connecticut Released A New Paid Sick Leave Poster[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/3/15Preparing for the New Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave Law[/three_fourth]

January 2015

[three_fourth]1/22/15New Massachusetts Law Grants Parental Leave to Men[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/7/15Action Required for Employers with Employees in New York State[/three_fourth]

December 2014

[three_fourth]12/24/14Affordable Care Act Effective January 1, 2015[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/23/14New Workplace Employment Posters Effective January 1, 2015[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]12/22/14MA Minimum Wage Increased to $9.00 per hour Effective January 1, 2015[/three_fourth]

November 2014

[three_fourth]11/12/142015 Medical Renewals for Groups under 50[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/10/14Massachusetts Voters Approve Mandatory Sick Time Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]11/4/14IRS Announces New 2015 Benefit Plan Limits[/three_fourth]

September 2014

[three_fourth]9/30/14EEO-1 Reports Due September 30, 2014[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/23/14Reminder: Deadline for Notices Medicare Part D is October 15th[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/17/14Connecticut Amends Paid Sick Leave Statute[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/14Get Ready for Flu Season with Fallon Community Health Plan (FCHP) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/14Get Ready for Flu Season with Tufts Health Plan (THP) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/14Get Ready for Flu Season with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/14Get Ready for Flu Season with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) Flu Clinics[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/10/14Massachusetts Enacts Domestic Violence Leave for Employees[/three_fourth]

July 2014

[three_fourth]7/17/14PCORI Fees Due by July 31, 2014, for Plan Years Ending in 2013[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/14/14New Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Check Requirements for Independent Schools in Massachusetts[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/7/14What You Should Know about State and Municipal Minimum Wage Increases[/three_fourth]

May 2014

[three_fourth]5/20/14New York City’s New Paid Sick Leave Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/8/14How to Retain and File Form I-9s[/three_fourth]

March 2014

[three_fourth]3/8/14Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Are You Compliant?[/three_fourth]

February 2014

[three_fourth]2/18/14NY State Employers-ADP Notification of Tax Professional Access Designation[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/17/14More Changes to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Guidelines Announced[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/15/14State of California Employer Compliance[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/15/14State of New Jersey Employer Compliance[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/11/14New Jersey Employers: Required Gender Equity Poster[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/11/14Rhode Island Temporary Caregiver Insurance[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/10/14Rhode Island “Ban the Box” Took Effect January 1, 2014[/three_fourth]

January 2014

[three_fourth]1/27/14California Employer Compliance[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/25/14Are You Compliant with the 201 CMR 17.00 Regulations?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/25/14Expansion of California Paid Family Leave Program[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/7/14Action Required by New York State Employers[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/2/14Minimum Wage Increases Affect Numerous States Across the Country in January 2014 [/three_fourth]

November 2013

[three_fourth]11/15/13IRS Announces New Health FSA Carryover and 2014 Benefit Plan Limits[/three_fourth]

October 2013

[three_fourth]10/23/13ACA: Amendment to Section 125 Regarding Election Rules for Non-Calendar Plan Years[/three_fourth]

September 2013

[three_fourth]9/20/13What Charter Schools Need to Know about the MA CORI Law[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/12/13Deadline for Notices for Medicare Part D Is October 15[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/6/13Deadline for Notices on Health Insurance Marketplaces Is Approaching[/three_fourth]

August 2013

[three_fourth]8/15/13Are your E-mails Compliant with the Massachusetts Data Protection Law?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/2/13Massachusetts Repeals Fair Share Contribution, HIRD Form Requirements[/three_fourth]

July 2013

[three_fourth]7/23/13How Does the DOMA Ruling Affect Your Business?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/11/13New Notice Requirements Regarding Health Insurance Exchanges and COBRA[/three_fourth]

June 2013

[three_fourth]6/15/13PCORI Letter[/three_fourth]

May 2013

[three_fourth]5/13/13Are Your Workplace Labor Law Posters Up-To-Date?[/three_fourth]

February 2013

[three_fourth]2/13/13MA Fair Share Responsibility to Be Repealed[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/13/13Highlighting How National Health Care Reform Will Impact your Organization and your Employees.[/three_fourth]

January 2013

[three_fourth]1/25/13 – New Massachusetts Law Requires Teachers to Be Fingerprinted[/three_fourth]