New Poster and Fact Sheet for NYC employers

As we wrote about in our previous e-Alerts, there have been significant changes to New York City and New York State Sexual Harassment Laws.

Beginning September 6, 2018, the poster requirement is mandatory; all employers in New York City must comply by the September deadline. The New York State Commission on Human Rights also published a “fact sheet,” which satisfies a separate policy/notice requirement under a new city law, Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC.

Employer next steps

1. All New York City employers must comply with the new poster and notice requirement beginning September 6, 2018.

  • The newly issued poster satisfies the city law’s English-language poster requirement. You will also be required to display a Spanish-language version, which the Commission has not yet issued.
  • The fact sheet, which satisfies the law’s notice requirement should be provided to all current employees and new employees upon hire. Employers may provide the generic fact sheet or incorporate the information into their handbook or stand-alone anti-harassment policies.

2.As outlined in our prior e-Alert, both New York State and New York City have mandated anti-harassment and discrimination training, effective October 9, 2018, and April 1, 2019, respectively.

3. The state is also expected to issue a model harassment and discrimination complaint form.

4. HR Knowledge has developed a “New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Program,” which includes the following components. Please email us to learn more.

  •  Customized New York State and New York City Harassment Prevention Policy
  • Customized Harassment Incident Complaint Form
  • New York State and New York City Training Requirements Guide
  • Updated state and city employment posters and fact sheets
  • Live webinar-based training that meets both state and city training requirements. Please note that State Requirements training must be conducted annually, and City Requirements training must be conducted for new hires within 90 days of the date of hire.

This content is provided with the understanding that HR Knowledge is not rendering legal advice. While every effort is made to provide current information, the law changes regularly and laws may vary depending on the state or municipality. The material is made available for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice or your professional judgment. You should review applicable laws in your jurisdiction and consult experienced counsel for legal advice. If you have any questions regarding this content, please contact HR Knowledge at 508.339.1300 or email us.