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On April 27, 2015, the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) implemented changes to the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (iCORI) on-line system.

 The Following Changes Affect All iCORI Users:

  • The Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use for account registration and submission of requests have been updated and must be reviewed by each iCORI user.
  • Users can now submit up to four additional last names on any single request. No extra fee (beyond the initial name entered into a single request, up to four). Previously, fees were required for each additional name submitted.
  • The iCORI Acknowledgement Form will now include additional fields for multiple last names.
  • Click here to read the full update from DCJIS

 Key Points and Next Steps for Employers

  • For all clients currently using iCORI, these changes will result in significant savings on requests containing alias names. You will potentially begin to see these savings as soon as your May invoice.
  • For our clients who do not currently use iCORI, this represents an opportunity to set up a more comprehensive criminal search process without the potential for significant additional costs in state fees.

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