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As previously cited on our e-alert on 10/31, The Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) is a new state reporting requirement in Massachusetts in 2018. State law requires every employer in Massachusetts with six or more employees to annually submit a HIRD form, which collects information about your employer-sponsored insurance offerings. The HIRD reporting requirement is administered by MassHealth and the Department of Revenue through your MassTaxConnect (MTC) account. The HIRD form will be available to be filled out starting November 1st and must be completed by November 30, 2018.


You need to take action – What you need to do:

  1. Please go to MassTaxConnect between November 1, 2018 through November 30th 2018 at
  2. Login with your Username and Password.
  3. Enter the information about your employer-sponsored health insurance offerings (If you are a client of HR Knowledge and you need specific information about your plan design, premiums and/or employee contributions, please contact us at

Here is what we have learned to make your filing easier:

  1. It is not very clear on the MassTaxConnect website where to go to find your HIRD filing, so please click here to see the screenshots to make your filing easier
  2. We have created a FAQ, please click here which includes the data you will need to complete the filing
  3. If you are not the Administrator of your MassTaxConnect Account and you need to create a new username and password for this filing, you may need to ask your company’s administrator to give you access to Withholding Taxes to complete the filing
  4. If you do not know who your administrator is and you need to get a Letter ID from the state, please note it takes about 2 weeks for MassTaxConnect to send you your Letter ID to login and file

Please contact us at should you need assistance with your filing.

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