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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced that all covered employers must electronically submit Form 300A for 2017 by July 1, 2018. Form 300A is a Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses from the preceding calendar year, and is the same form that companies posted internally from February through April, as we advised in this January e-Alert. OSHA is not accepting Form 300 or 301 information at this time, only Form 300A.

All 50 states are now required to submit the 2017 Form 300A electronically by the July 1, 2018 deadline. This includes the seven states that were previously exempt from submitting their data electronically: California, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Beginning in 2019, electronic submission will be required by March 2 of each year.

Organizations required to electronically submit their data are those required to comply with OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements:

  • Organizations with 250 or more employees
  • Organizations in specific industries with 20 – 249 employees

OSHA’s press release can be found here.

Click here to find the instructions for electronic submission, and for more information.

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