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HR Knowledge is excited to announce its new partnership with SafeSchools, a leading developer of safety and compliance solutions specifically designed for the education market. HR Knowledge serves nearly 40 Charter Schools in Massachusetts and we strongly support their purpose and involvement in their communities. In order to better assist our clients in areas of safety and compliance, we will provide them with SafeSchools Online Training system and SafeSchools Alert, an online Incident Reporting and Tracking systems.

SafeSchools Online Training
SafeSchools Online Training is a 100 percent school-focused system that delivers expert-authored courses on a variety of important school safety topics. It’s extremely user friendly and simple to administer. SafeSchools Training is proven to reduce workers compensation, insurance costs, as well as overtime and training expenses.

SafeSchools Alert
SafeSchools Alert Incident Reporting and Tracking system helps schools better manage safety incidents, including harassment, intimidation and bullying. It allows students, staff, and parents to confidentially report safety concerns to administration 24/7/365, via phone, text message, email and website.

SafeSchools Automated Features Make Administration Easy
Your training system should make life easier, not harder. Administration is fast and easy with the following automated features:

  • Automatic Tracking of Course Completions
  • Automatic Tracking of Policy Review and Acceptance
  • Automatic New Hire Training Program
  • Automatic Email Notification
  • Automatic Progress Reports by Email
  • Automatic Archiving of Historical Reports

To learn more about our partnership with SafeSchools and how this investment can better serve your school contact

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