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The District of Columbia has a new posting requirement to reflect recent legislative changes.

What Changed?

Minimum Wage Posting

  • The Wage Theft Amendment Act eliminates the “adult learners” exception to the minimum wage requirement. The minimum wage must be paid to workers age 20 or over immediately upon hire.
  • Changes the age of employees for which a subminimum wage may be paid during the first 90 days of employment to under 20.
  • The US Home Care rule eliminates the overtime exception for home companions and requires overtime rates for direct care workers.
  • Specifies government contract, government assistance, and subcontract thresholds for purposes of paying the current Living Wage rate.

Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act Posting

  • Clarifies that employees of staffing agencies are covered by the Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act (ASSLA); and
  • Provides that employees of restaurants and bars are entitled to the DC Minimum Wage in addition to accrued ASSLA leave benefits.

Child Labor Posting (Employers of minors under age 18)

  • Reflects increases in the penalties for violations for first and subsequent offenses; and
  • Explains that per-day violations are treated as separate offenses.

Next Steps for Employers

  1. All District of Columbia employers are required to post the Minimum Wage and Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act postings; employers of minors under age 18 are required to post the Child Labor Law provisions. Employers are required to post in a conspicuous place accessible to all employees, such as an employee lounge, lunch/break room, conference room, reception area, or time-clock location. Organizations with multiple locations must display posters at each location.
  2. The HR Knowledge All-In-One Poster satisfies the posting requirements for employers of all sizes. Displaying the posters educates your employees about their labor and employment rights and helps them better understand their requirements. Failure to post required federal and state labor law notices may result in both federal and state fines.
    • If you are a current full-service client of HR Knowledge, we will provide these updated Peel-N-Post overlays at no charge, except for shipping fees.
    • If you are not a full-service client and you are interested in ordering new posters or overlays, please complete the order form on our website, which you can access here. Order the Peel-N-Post overlay ($12.95 each) or the All-In-One Poster ($49.95 each) from HR Knowledge. First, check to see if you have the most recent version of the HR Knowledge All-In-One Poster. If your current poster does not have an HR Knowledge logo, it is NOT the most recent version and the Peel-N-Post will not fit. In this case, you will need to order the latest version of our All-In-One Poster instead of the Peel-N-Post overlay.