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Your HRA administrator, TASC, is pleased to reveal “a new day” for their Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Plans—including a new website and a new name: TASC HRA (formerly DirectPay).  Their customers spoke up and TASC listened.  The new TASC HRA website will offer you and your employees a user-friendly experience with additional self-service tools.

For Employers:

  • Expanded reporting solutions.
  • Same username and password to log in to MyTASC; new secondary username to the TASC HRA website (will be sent via email when website goes live).
  • Improved system integration with other TASC service offerings—coming later in 2016!
    • Single sign on—no more remembering multiple logins.
    • Simplify account management—easier to manage multiple benefits.
    • Manage plans by employee rather than service.
    • Add, change, or terminate an employee one time in one place.
    • Information flows automatically to applicable services—saving valuable time.

For Participants:

  • Easy online requests for reimbursement.
  • Same username and password to log in to MyTASC (

It’s time to begin the transition of your Plan information to the new website. The transition has been scheduled to minimize inconvenience for your Participants, resulting in a brief seven-day blackout for Participant accounts and claims.  This should have little to no effect on your employees and their HRA accounts.  All claims that come into TASC during this 1 week black out period will be processed as soon as the new account is online.

Client Blackout: February 24-March 15:

  • Your online account will be unavailable.
    • No Plan changes.
    • No enrollment additions, changes, or terminations.
    • You can continue to submit changes via a MyService Request; we will process changes post-blackout.

Participant Blackout: March 7-15:

  • Online account will be unavailable.
  • May incur eligible expenses but must wait until post-blackout to submit them online for reimbursement.

Watch for an email confirmation when your account is live on the new website; it will contain a new username and password for Client access. (Note: Participants will continue to log in using their existing username and password.)

The new TASC HRA website will offer you a user-friendly experience and easy online requests for reimbursement. Learn more:

TASC will communicate to all Participants with an up-to-date email if there is an email on file.  If not, the employee can call TASC now to add an email address to their account (1-800-422-4661). We have provided a sample communication that you may send to your employees announcing this change.

Should you have any questions regarding your HRA account or this transition to the new website, please contact Linda Sullivan at 508-339-1300, x205, or

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