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Let HR Knowledge Handle Your FMLA Administration

HR Knowledge understands the burden and overhead associated with administering continuous and intermittent FMLA leave requests, particularly for small- to mid-sized businesses. Outsourcing this important function to us greatly reduces your costs and liability risk. We offer expert guidance on leave requirements and employee eligibility, handle the administrative tasks associated with absences, and coordinate the leave benefits on behalf of the employer.


FMLA Guidelines for Managers: Clear Up the Confusion

One of the most common questions we get at HR Knowledge is: “What do I need to do to comply with FMLA?” Let’s face it, FMLA is confusing and complicated, and most employers are out of compliance simply because they don’t fully understand all the components to this federally mandated program.

Why Choose FMLAMatters?

FMLAMatters offers complete administration and compliance for your FMLA program. With a proven track record of success, this cutting-edge program helps you decipher the complexity of FMLA administration, limits your risk, and reduces your workload.

  • Plan enrollment and implementation
  • FMLAMatters administration manual
  • Review of leave of absence policies and programs
  • Monitoring of legislative and regulatory changes to ensure your plan is current
  • Recommended changes to policies and practices to maximize FMLA rights
  • Fair application of FMLA regulations and policies
  • Full review of FMLA eligibility and entitlement
  • FMLA leave qualification and tracking
  • FMLA event and leave request processing
  • Reporting of an event online or via telephone
  • Immediate denial notification
  • FMLA activity reports
  • Dedicated FMLA account management
  • Training for supervisors/managers on company procedures and FMLA regulations
  • Toll-free and online leave request options
  • FMLAMatters assumes the responsibility and liability regarding federal notices under the Act

HR Knowledge, Inc. works closely with Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) and your company to ensure total compliance under FMLA federal law. Administering the various types of FMLA under complex laws and regulations can often be a difficult and time-intensive business for employers, and the penalties of non-compliance are costly.  We are stepping in to take the burden off you as an employer and to provide you peace of mind that your FMLA administration is in complete compliance with all federal rules and regulations.

FMLAMatters Online System

FMLAMatters offers paperless administration options for convenient and accessible FMLA information.  Our online system offers a secure environment for your FMLA data that is easy-to-use and loaded with functionality.

  • Lets you report an FMLA event online
  • Allows employers and employees to use the customized leave request form
  • Provides FMLA activity reports

FMLAMatters Standard Pricing for Full Administration

As a client of HR Knowledge and with services provided to you through TASC, you will receive a comprehensive menu of administration services and tools designed to simplify the administrative process for your company and to ensure complete compliance with all federal laws and regulations.

If you are interested in learning more about our newest offering, please contact us at: