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Remote Workforce Planner for Employers

COVID-19 forced many employers who never considered remote workers as a viable option for their business model, into the homes of their employees. Nearly overnight, organizations had a fully remote workforce that most of us were unprepared to manage. As organizations start to see the viability of a long-term remote workforce even after the pandemic, employers need to recognize that the “fly by the seat of our pants” model that the pandemic forced many of us into, won’t work long term, nor will it be a compliant way to run your business. Before implementing a remote-work model, employers need to be aware of the myriad of obstacles and carefully consider if remote work is in fact a viable long-term option for their business model.
This planner provides an overview of the many obligations and factors employers should consider before engaging with a virtual remote workforce. Our team develops tools and resources to support employers with the challenges they face. We’re not just another cloud-based technology company that also does HR, #WeAreHR. Get the Scoop on how we can help you simplify HR.

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