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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Prevention

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HR Knowledge recommends annual training on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.  Companies are required to have a Sexual Harassment Policy in force as required by Federal Law.  Here are the necessary steps required and suggested to prevent Sexual Harassment in the workplace:

1.  Maintain an Employee Guideline that includes a Sexual Harassment Policy.

2.  In the Guidelines there needs to be key elements which should include investigation if necessary and non-retaliation as retaliation can put the company in a greater risk position than they were with the alleged original offense.

3.  Ensure that all employees sign off on and accept/receive the Employee Guidelines which should include the Sexual Harassment Policy.  Keep this signature page in a safe and secure place.

4.  Annual Sexual Harassment Training for the employees at your company.  The training should mention and review the do’s and don’ts for Sexual Harassment and what could be construed as Sexual Harassment.  The purpose is to create and maintain a positive and healthy work environment for all employees.

5.  Once the training is completed please have each employee sign off that they did attend the training and keep this on file.

6.  Finally, we recommend that companies purchase an insurance policy called EPLI (employment practice liability insurance).  This insurance will protect the company from claims made against the company for Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination, Discrimination in the workplace and other type employment related practices.  Without this insurance company’s will have to pay for their own attorney and pay for any claims awarded for an employment practice lawsuit.  This is the only insurance to our knowledge that will protect you from employment practice lawsuits.

Note:  we are not property & casualty insurers nor experts on this insurance please consult an insurance agent for more information on EPLI Insurance.

If you follow these easy steps you are more likely to prevent a major catastrophe in the work place as related to a Sexual Harassment Claim, in addition should a claim be made you will be on a far less slippery slope and be better prepared at losing time and money due to one of these claims.

Sexual Harassment Claims and awards can amount to a great deal of money so prevention and education are vital in protecting the company, it’s managers and ownership.

HR Service Companies can provide this sort of training for you on an annual basis so please consult one for more information.

HR Knowledge, Inc. can be contacted at or 508-339-1300.

This article was written by Jeffrey C. Garr, CEO at HR Knowledge, Inc..