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It's Time to Simplify HR


Do you wish your employee handbook would write itself? Or quickly be able to download HR forms, checklists, and templates to help you stay on top of all your compliance and employee relations needs? We can help.

Outsource various elements of your HR functions to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk. With our Virtual HR services you and your team get access to our HR experts without the overhead and cost of adding to payroll.

Virtual HR Support

Have a complicated HR issue you need to talk through? You’ve got it. With our Virtual HR support you get to speak to our HR experts live. Expert support when you need it the most. All without the overhead and cost of adding to payroll.

Compliance and Risk Management

Every time you look, there’s a new law or regulation to comply with. Keeping on top of it all can be confusing and downright exhausting. But NOT complying can cost you big-time. We’ll give you the tools to help you stay compliant and get ahead of changing regulations that affect your business.

Compensation Benchmarking & Pay Analysis

To compete for talent, you must know what the market is paying for the skills you’re competing for. Developing fair compensation programs helps you attract and retain the best people. Our compensation benchmarking services will build you up-to-date salary ranges specific to your industry, geography, and organization.


It takes a lot of work to hire the right people. What if all the tasks involved could be taken care of with minimal effort from you? With our highly customizable RPO services, our team of experts can handle everything from drafting the job description to finding, screening, and even onboarding new folks. Our unique, personalized approach to recruiting allows us to focus on your candidates while you focus on your business.

Exclusive Webinars

Monthly webinars covering a wide array of important topics, covering compliance, communication, team-building, leadership skills, and more. Our bite-sized 30 minute webinars also provide SHRM and HRCI credits.

Add-On Services

Does your company need a HR Assessment or Living Employee Handbook but it’s not offered in the service level you’re interested in? Not to worry. We offer many useful add-on features to enhance your service-level.

A service level for every organization.

With five service levels to choose from, there’s a service level to suit all needs. Each service level offers exclusive access to our Knowledge Hub that’s packed with tool-kits, best practice guides, checklists, and so much more! We also stay on top of all the changing laws and regulations, sending you timely e-Alerts to keep you in the know.