Workplace Harassment Is An Ongoing Issue for Employers

By February 26, 2015 March 18th, 2015 No Comments

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), the state agency charged with enforcing the state’s antidiscrimination laws, has released its annual report for 2013.

In 2013, the MCAD received 3,224 new complaint filings, 38 more than in 2012. Disability and race/color remained the most frequently cited categories of discrimination, and claims of sex discrimination increased slightly from 951 in 2012 to 986 in 2013. Most noteworthy was the increase in retaliation claims, which rose by 94 percent, and are now the third most frequently cited category of discrimination in Massachusetts.

As of December 31, 2013, the agency had 4,959 active investigations compared to 4,450 in 2012. To put this into perspective, the average caseload in New York is approximately 75 per investigator, compared to more than 300 per case worker in Massachusetts.

The report provides valuable insight into areas that are becoming increasingly problematic for employers. It reminds us of how important compliance training is and how vital it is for managers to be aware of and adhere to applicable employment laws and regulations. You can access the MCAD report here.