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For almost twenty years, HR Knowledge has made it our mission to demystify the complex and daunting process of HR management. We do more than just provide the level of service and technology you’d expect from an industry leader. We combine unparalleled passion for service with our decades of HR, payroll, and benefits experience to provide our clients with personalized and actionable advice that is second—to—none. From managed payroll to employee benefits to HR support, we can help your organization thrive, grow, and reduce operating costs—no matter what industry you serve. Whether you’re interested in our Full-Service solution or just need your employee handbook written, HR Knowledge can help you minimize risk while staying on top of compliance regulations. The bottom line? We’re not just another cloud-based technology company that also does HR, #WeAreHR.

Meet The Team

Ken Bettenhauser

Managing Director

Jeff Garr

Managing Director

Meet Jeff, he is one of the Founders of HR Knowledge. Back in December of 2001, he recognized the need for an integrated full-service HR outsourcing model and got started on his lifelong dream of owning a business. He hasn’t regretted that decision for one second. The paradigm has shifted since that day in 2001 from “what is HR outsourcing?” to “which company am I going to outsource these functions to?”

A graduate of Northeastern University, one of Jeff’s strongest passions is serving his community. He is a multiple-term President of the Mansfield Rotary Club and, as Chairman of their Annual Auction, has helped raise over $350,000 for various charities in the last 15 years. He finds immense joy working with his fellow Rotarian teammates.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

How spiritual I am and my belief in the Universe as a whole entity — that what you put out in life, hopefully good and not bad, will reap rewards if deserved and earned. That you don’t do good things for people because you want something in return; you do it because it is the right thing to do.

Favorite movie?

Ordinary People back in the early 80s. There is so much to take from this movie. I enjoy powerful acting with a great story, something most movies today don’t give you. The acting in this movie is remarkable.

Favorite vacation spot?

On a cruise ship, reading a good book and being pampered. On the beach just zoning out and relaxing. On a sailboat enjoying the peace and quiet and the sounds of the water.

Off the bucket list?

So many things — too many to state as I am a goal-setter and I set and achieve goals all the time. All through college, I earned money by working at a parking lot in downtown Boston. One of the cars I parked was a beautiful two-seater convertible; I would sit in that car and dream that one day this would be me. I’ve realized that dream multiple times, I’m happy to say!

One talent you wish you had?

I wish I had musical talent and could play the guitar and possibly sing well too.

Best gift ever?

I have had the best life so far and for that I am forever grateful. My wife, my three children, my business — I have so much to be thankful for.

Melissa M. Gillespie

Vice President, HR Services

Meet Melissa, she is an agent of change. She knows how scary it is these days for clients to manage the ever-growing complexity in the HR landscape and is dedicated to changing that to make HR simple again for our clients. Before joining HR Knowledge in 2009, she spent 5+ years in both internal HR roles and as an independent HR Consultant, building a successful client base as a trusted advisor who could cut through the HR “legalese” while guiding and supporting business owners. She fervently believes that a strong HR strategy improves a business’s productivity, quality, and employee retention. Her passion for and commitment to service mirrors the commitment that HR Knowledge strives to provide to all of our clients.

Melissa is a certified human resource professional who graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership Development.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I embrace technology but I love the cathartic feeling of putting pen to paper. I still use a paper planner, handwrite my to-do lists, and send handwritten cards and thank you notes….my most creative work is done with good old-fashioned mark-ups.

Favorite movie?

Olivia Hussey is magical in “Romeo and Juliet,” but for a good laugh it’s “Groundhog Day” all the way.

Favorite vacation spot?

Anyplace with sun, sand, and ocean.

Off the bucket list?

Canoeing and cliff diving on the Colorado River — check!

One talent you wish you had?

I wish I were one of those people who could fall asleep anywhere.

Best gift ever?

My son….he is such a cool little soul.

Cristy LaCasse

Manager, Benefits Services

Jill Buscaglia

Manager, Client Services

Diane Pereira

Manager, Client Services

Paulette Leite

Manager, Accounting

Frank Zych

Training & Development, Practice Lead

Kristin Bourdony

HR Services, Team Lead

Lauren Kallianidis

HR Services, Team Lead

Lisa Weir

Sr. Benefits Analyst, Team Lead

Donna Hickey

Benefit Implementation, Team Lead

Jennifer Keeping

Assistant Account Manager

Rachel Jewett

Recruiting Services, Team Lead

Taylor Tavares

CSC, Team Lead

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