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Project Description

How engaged are your staff with your workplace culture? According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace Report, only 33% of employees are engaged in the workplace, with 51% unengaged, and 16% actively disengaged. Employee engagement is the “gateway to increased retention, job satisfaction, and higher productivity,” as defined by the Society of Human Resource Management.

HR Knowledge’s employee engagement survey program will first help you measure your employees’ levels of satisfaction and engagement. Then our consulting team will work with your senior management to roll out plans, policies, and initiatives based on the responses to increase engagement opportunities. HR Knowledge can help you maintain a strong, motivated workforce that is willing to expend extra effort and drive business goals.


  • Communication Plan

  • Your Mission, Vision, and Purpose

  • Tailored to Your Business

  • Incorporate Employee Feedback

  • Recruiting Tool

  • Concierge-Level Service

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