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Do I Need Disability Insurance?

By June 3, 2011February 19th, 2015No Comments

The Council for Disability Awareness has some very interesting results concerning employees’ beliefs and misperceptions about disability insurance. The survey highlights the difference between what employees believe about disability and how they have planned for a potential disability. The results show that although most people believe disability can happen, they do not believe it can happen to them and have not done any planning in case it does happen.

Here’s some of the major findings of the survey:

-83% of the workers surveyed believe a disability can happen to anyone, but deny it will happen to them.

-90% say they value their income, but 40% say they have not thought of how they would replace it if they were to be disabled.

-70% say disabilities that keep you out of work are caused by serious accidents, but the reality is 90% of disabilities are caused by illness.

-44% think they have a 1% chance of becoming disabled, but the reality is 30% of workers in their 20s will be disabled prior to retirement.

-70% said a disability would keep an employee out of work for more than a year, but 38% said they could only pay bills for 3 months if they lost their income.

The survey results show employees need to be better educated about the likeliness of a disability happening to them, how they can better protect themselves against losing their income and what benefits they currently have. It also shows there are plenty of opportunities for educating employees and employers on the importance of disability which will hopefully lead to new disability sales.

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