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In-house recruiting is costly and time-consuming. Hiring new staff is a particularly large challenge for smaller organizations that must place the recruitment demands on employees with already limited time and resources. However, enlisting recruitment agencies is an expense that many companies cannot afford, with fees averaging over 20-30 percent of the first year’s annual compensation. It is with this challenge that our clients turned to HR Knowledge for help. More than five years ago, we quietly built a specialized recruitment service driven by our clients’ requests to help them find the right talent. We are now officially launching this service as Hiring Process Management™ (HPM).

HPM – Key Elements
Our comprehensive HPM service manages the hiring process—from writing the job description to assisting with onboarding your new employee. We perform the following labor-intensive tasks:

  • Craft the job description
  • Benchmark salary for competiveness in the market
  • Develop criteria and search strategy
  • Sourcing and screening candidates
  • Conduct recruitment searches using active and passive search methods
  • Handle all scheduling, communication, and follow-up with candidates, including:
    • Conducting initial in-person interviews
    • Conducting pre-employment reference checks and skill testing
    • Extending and negotiating employment offer
  • Advising on final selection and assisting with onboarding

Affordable Alternative to Agency Fees

  • Fees are payable on a fixed hourly rate; there are no percentage commission fees.
  • Fees payable are almost always less than 10 percent of compensation.

What our Clients Say
Rob Cardin, co-owner and CFO of Andover Audio, an electronic design and engineering company, wanted to outsource all non-core functions of his business. He puts it this way: “We really needed a partner that offered the full gamut of HR services, not just payroll processing and employee benefits, but also support for new hires, including recruiting and onboarding new employees. We couldn’t be happier. We just hired another employee through HR Knowledge’s HPM Service and it cost us less than 10 percent of their salary.”

Let us do 90% of the Heavy Lifting
Scaling your business is all about finding the right talent at the right time. Doing so makes a huge demand on time and requires focused, specialized skill and energy to achieve success. You can trust turning over this task to HR Knowledge’s expert recruiting team. We relieve the burden of finding and evaluating prospective employees and make the process manageable for you. Our HPM services will free you from the “upfront 90 percent” of effort required to fill positions within your company.

Learn More
If finding the right talent at the right time is critical to your success, reach out to our Director of HR Services, Melissa M. Gillespie, at or call her at 508-339-1300, ext. 233.

About HR Knowledge
Founded in 2001, HR Knowledge, Inc. is a privately funded company that provides Integrated Outsourced HR Services tailored to your needs. Our full array of human resource offerings includes managed payroll, employee benefits administration, and HR consulting and support services, such as training, compliance, and Hiring Process Management™, our specialized recruitment service that covers everything from finding and screening candidates to onboarding new employees. Our major markets are fast-growing small- and medium-sized businesses, many of which are venture-capital-backed; foreign companies expanding into the states; and certain key education markets including charter schools and nonprofit enterprises. Partnering with HR Knowledge can reduce your administrative costs, minimize your legal risk, help you find and develop talent, and free you up to focus on your core business.

Media Contact
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Marketing and Communications Specialist
HR Knowledge
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