March 13th: Sexual Harassment Prevention Series: Workplace Bullying




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March 13th: Sexual Harassment Prevention Series: Workplace Bullying

Not all harassment is sexual. Workplace bullying is harassment too. Who is a bully? Are they hiding in plain sight? Are they negatively affecting morale? Are they creating an unforeseen or unexpected turnover? Do you know what behaviors to look for? Is there a difference between “good-natured ribbing” and actual bullying? Do you know how to address bullying behavior? Are you aware of the potential for serious problems?


  • Identify and prevent harassment/bullying including illegal harassment based upon the protected categories of your employees.
  • Recognize the most serious consequences of unaddressed workplace bullying.
  • Identify and prevent adult cyberbullying.
  • Establish clear and comprehensive anti-bullying policies.
  • Understand the risks both internally and externally.