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Would You Like Free Training for Your Employees? 

On-Site Employee Training through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant Program and HR Knowledge

In 1998, legislation was approved in Massachusetts for the creation of the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. This program is funded by the employers of Massachusetts.  An annual contribution of $8.40 for every Massachusetts employee is put into the fund and collected through his/her unemployment taxes. Over $300 million has been distributed by workforce training grants to fund various training initiatives throughout the Commonwealth since the initiation of the program. The money is put into a trust monthly and it is released through workforce training grant application approvals.HRK-Training

Impact Skill Sets, Inc. has successfully written and obtained over $13.5M in workforce training grants for over 131 employers throughout Massachusetts. They have trained over 125,000 employees through on-site training programs since that time.

Impact Skill Sets, Inc. and HR Knowledge, Inc. work with organizations in conducting training needs analysis, co-writing the grant application, and administration services of the grant upon approval. If Impact Skill Sets, Inc. and/or HR Knowledge are conducting over 50% of the training programs listed in the grant application, there will be no fees for these services. These programs are 100% customized to the client’s industry and conducted at various times of the day, week, and month at the client’s location based upon need. We have conducted programs from a multitude of class lengths from 90-minute sessions to all-day sessions. These programs have been conducted for Fortune 100 companies to 10-person companies throughout all of Massachusetts.

Some of the successful programs for which we have conducted and achieved grants are:

Impact Communications – How to effectively communicate in the fast-paced business world

Impact Selling – A behavioral-based selling system

Impact Negotiation – The systems and components of effective negotiating techniques

Impact Management – Techniques for conflict management, coaching, goal setting, leadership, financial accountability

Impact Presentations – Techniques for conducting effective presentations from the conference room to the board room, to the auditorium, to the cameras

Impact Customer Service – How to deliver exceptional customer service at every touch point

Impact Lean Manufacturing – How to define processes, improve productivity and increase profitability

Impact ISO 9000 – Building a quality assurance program in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9000

If you are interested in learning how your organization could benefit by providing your employees with on-site training through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund please contact us at to learn more.