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HR Knowledge Is an Authorized ADP Alliance Partner

The challenges of managing a workforce just keep growing. So, we keep bringing you better ways of meeting those challenges. By partnering with ADP, HR Knowledge offers you the advantage of combined knowledge, expertise and advanced technology. As leaders in our respective fields, you can rely on us to provide best-in-class business solutions that keep your business moving forward.

ADP Integration

ADP’s broad range of HR solutions may need to be adapted to your company’s specific ways of doing business or unique operations. HR Knowledge is familiar with the features and nuances of ADP software and can help tailor solutions to fit your company’s existing operations. We guide you through this adaptation process and subsequently carry out your ADP implementation, so that your company’s normal or preferred ways of doing business are not compromised.

Our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) integration service provides customized assistance throughout the planning and implementation phase to ensure your organization’s ADP integration is complete, smooth, and successful.

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