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HR Knowledge provides a service that is a hybrid between a traditional payroll company and a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), so you get the best of both models.

The PEO and Payroll Company Models

First, let’s summarize the PEO and payroll company approaches. A PEO becomes the “employer of record” for your employees; thus, you lose some control over your employees. Since the PEO is now the employer, the service provider chooses the benefits for you and can often make decisions on how you hire and terminate employees.

Unlike a PEO, a payroll company operates like an HR consulting service. Although you, as the customer, maintain control of your employees, a payroll company does not offer the full suite of HR and benefits services that you may need to efficiently manage your workforce.

The HR Knowledge Model

The HR Knowledge service delivery model is different. We are not the employer of your employees, but we do provide virtually the same suite of services that a PEO offers. We are able to provide you with the best of both service models without becoming the “employer of record.”

In addition, our service fees are a fraction of what a PEO can cost, yet we provide the same sorts of services — and always with our signature concierge-level customer service!

To learn more about the differences between a PEO, payroll company and HR Knowledge, please contact us at 1-508-339-1300.

Watch our video on why HR Knowledge is the PEO alternative.

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