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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partnership in New Hampshire


Hiring the top talents for your business is an ongoing process. Even if you meet the current hiring needs, some changes will occur down the road and require you to do it all over again. This is why recruitment process outsourcing partnerships come in handy. There’s no doubt that RPO is one of the best solutions for all recruitment challenges in the modern business environment. 

Despite the growth in popularity of RPO solutions, how do you know whether your company is ripe for an RPO partnership? In this piece, we’re going to discuss this and much more.

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Still unsure what recruitment processing outsourcing is? It’s a business process outsourcing (BPO) that involves letting an outside firm take over a part or entire process of recruiting and hiring new talents. An RPO provider helps you recruit the top talents and lets your indoor hiring teams do other activities. 

 When you choose to go the RPO way, you must find a provider that understands your company’s culture and is capable of handling all your talent acquisition needs. But before that, you need to evaluate whether your business requires such services. 

Does Your New Hampshire Company Need a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner? 

Not all businesses require RPO services. Your enterprise may be an excellent fit for RPO if attracting top talents in your industry is a challenge. Before you partner with an external RPO vendor, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you operating on a strict recruitment timeline that takes up much of your HR team’s focus?
  • Do you have some recruitment challenges?
  • Are you releasing a new product or opening a new branch and not sure you can handle recruitment? 
  • Have you figured out process improvements or data metrics you need to realize or understand?

If your answer is yes, your company will benefit immensely from partnering with a professional RPO provider. But remember, a poor choice of RPO solution can accelerate your company’s recruitment and talent acquisition problems. 

Essential Factors You Need to Assess Before Partnering with an RPO Provider 

Know the Process

How is your current hiring process? How has your team been handling the HR responsibilities? Do you know which talent acquisition techniques are working and which ones are not? If you don’t have a clear recruiting process, you must devise one now. 

To work with an RPO vendor, you need to have a documented process that is vividly clear to the vendors. Even if your strategy has not yielded any results lately, it provides a perfect starting place for the external RPO vendor. Also, include the legal and compliance challenges you’ve been dealing with. 

Be Sure Why You Need an RPO Solution

Before you follow the RPO route, you need to know what exactly you want from the RPO Vendor. In addition to getting you a pool of talented employees, you need to know if there are data metrics or process improvements that you want to be enhanced. 

Conversely, it would help if you spelt out the budgetary goals you need the partnership to meet. Be truthful about the business desires you need to achieve through the RPO partnership. Ensure that the recruiting process outsourcing firm in New Hampshire knows your expectations from the word go. 

Write Down the Questions

When meeting with the RPO team, you must create a comprehensive list of what you want to know about the partnership. You can include hiring managers, the HR department, and other stakeholders to brainstorm so you don’t leave out essential queries. Also, think about what your company aims to achieve. Try to arrange the questions in order of importance. 

Have a Plan

Once you meet the RPO team, create a plan as you move forward. Be patient enough to let things work out. You must understand that the process can take time before you start seeing results. Giving up too early is one of the leading causes of failure in RPO partnerships. 

Be Open to Change

You may have a solid plan, which you think will work, but you should be ready to listen to RPO experts and be open to change. Have contingencies so that you don’t get disappointed if your original plan fails. However, ensure that changes are made through consensus. 

How to Select the Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider in New Hampshire

Services Offered 

RPO providers can offer various services, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates. They can also provide refined services such as recruiting candidates that fit the company’s culture, employer branding, and technology consulting. 

Since not all vendors can offer a full scope of services, you should select a vendor who’ll deliver the services you’re looking for. 


The RPO vendor you choose should have vast experience in the realm of talent acquisition. They should go beyond knowing how to hire. They should understand everything about certification and training in various industries. They should also know the multiple standards you must adhere to when hiring new employees. 


A vendor that follows a one-size-fits-all talent acquisition strategy is a big red flag. A reliable firm should customize its strategy to resonate with your company’s unique needs and specifications. The provider won’t be able to sell a brand using a rigid strategy that has been used countless times. 

Process and Technology

Trustworthy RPO vendors have invested in cutting-edge technologies enabling them to source and find prospective employees without hassle. Check to see how the provider integrates with modern technologies. 

Candidate Care

How vendors treat candidates throughout the recruiting process says a lot about their ability to protect and reinforce the employer’s brand. Poor treatment during recruitment means prospects who fail to get hired won’t want to work for you in the future. 

Find the Perfect Match

When choosing the right RPO partner, you need a firm that attends to your recruitment needs and understands your business. They should reflect on your brand identity and culture throughout the recruitment process.

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