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Questions To Ask Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Partner Connecticut


Hiring employees is a vital process in any company that can be tedious, challenging, and consumes a lot of resources. Choosing the best candidate from a pool of potential employees for a given task requires a keen eye to identify the candidate whose skills, experience, and character best suit the role.

Due to the challenges of a company directly hiring its employees, there has been an increased demand in the number of entities seeking to hire recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partners. There are several firms to select from but choosing the best recruitment agency for your firm’s staffing needs is not easy. You need to research and interview the given firm to help establish if they are suitable for your needs and requirements.

Hiring an RPO is a service you will be paying for and one that has a potential impact on your business. But how do you know if an RPO is best suited for your company?

Top Questions to Ask a Recruitment Agency

You will need to narrow down several RPO partners who seem aligned with your company’s needs based on your research, referrals, etc. Once done, the next step is to interrogate each of them and conduct an interview.

Here are vital questions to ask the recruitment partner before hiring their services. They will help you determine the best RPO you will cherish working with in the long run.

Will The RPO Be a Partnership or a Contract?

The nature of your relationship, whether a partnership or a contract, will impact the cost of the engagements, among other things. A partnership would be better whereby the hiring process is ongoing and when you need post-hiring support services from the recruiting firm. It makes the discussions easier, and both parties’ discussions and decisions are based on a long-term joint view.

On the other hand, a contract will be more suitable if the hiring is one-off or seasonal. Ensure that you are aligned on the nature of your relationship with the RPO partner. You can also start with a short-term contract before getting into a long-term partnership. A good RPO will be flexible enough to align with your needs on the nature of the agreement.

How Do You Select The Candidates?

Most RPOs will conduct the entire recruitment process on your behalf. As such, you must confirm that the potential candidate identification and shortlisting process align with your company’s values.

In addition, asking this question will give you insight into the kind of questions the RPO asks the candidates and what the entire interview process looks like. Thus, you can determine if the interviews are conducted professionally and ethically. Remember that the recruitment partner you work with potentially impacts your brand’s reputation. You certainly don’t want to be associated with a firm that conducts unprofessional interviews.

How Much Experience Does The RPO Have In Working With Companies Like Yours?

Hiring quality candidates is a skill often acquired through experience in addition to training. When choosing the RPO firm to work with, you need to consider their experience in getting quality candidates for the clients, and you should ask the firm about their success rate.

In addition, you should ask the RPO partner to narrow down their experience to your specific industry. Industry-specific expertise is vital since certain industries require certain skills in the best candidate. For instance, the character, skills, and qualities to look for in an oil company’s best finance officer might differ from those of an investment bank’s best finance officer.

What Benefits Will You Get By Hiring The RPO Partner?

Hiring an RPO costs money, and in addition, it might be a long-term relationship. As such, the RPO needs to explain to you the benefits your company will get by investing in hiring them. The recruitment agency should explain to you how working with them will reduce your employee turnover, enhance the overall experience, and whether the process will make the hiring process easier for you.

The partnership benefits should be mutual; if you are not convinced, you might need to interview more RPO partners.

What Has Your Internal Employee Turnover In The Recent Past Been Like?

A reliable and effective RPO partner should be able to get the best skills for your company and themselves.

A high internal turnover could indicate the RPO’s inefficiency in the hiring process or poor internal working environment. It is a good way of assessing the firm’s skills at the job. If the RPO cannot maintain a low internal turnover, you should not expect them to deliver the same to you.

How Much Will The RPO Services Cost?

One of the benefits you expect from hiring an RPO is a reduction in the recruitment process costs. Ask the RPO partner to share the services’ costs, including any levies due. In addition, you should ask them to share the costs of additional services such as training.

Doing so will help you determine if hiring the RPO partner is cost-effective. Remember that the fees vary from one partner to the other and getting a high quotation should not deter you from contacting others. Ultimately, the cost should be lower than your firm handling the recruitment independently.

Another thing to ask about is the payment structure, whether the fees need to be paid fully upfront, are payable in installments, and are paid based on particular milestones in the hiring process. A suitable RPO should offer flexibility in the payment structure that aligns with your company’s cashflows.

Which Add-On Services Does The RPO Partner Offer After The Recruitment Process?

If you need the RPO firm to support you after the recruitment process, this is a vital question. It will help you know the relevance of the services and whether the package encompasses all you need support with after the hiring process.


An RPO takes away the work of advertising for a role, candidate shortlisting, and all the work that comes with hiring for a specific role.

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