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HR Company Rhode IslandHR Knowledge is a premier HR Company providing Rhode Island organizations with tailored HR services to meet their needs. HR Knowledge provides an integrated, cost-effective approach to human resources and benefits management, and offers companies and organizations a wide array of human resources services traditionally available to larger companies.

HR Knowledge is an HR Company ideally suited to serve Rhode Island for-profit and non-profit organizations

Rhode Island businesses make the strategic decision to outsource Human Resources, Group Benefits, Payroll, and Financial Services to HR Knowledge. As an HR Company, our HR expertise combined with our unique integrated service model enables us to manage these administrative tasks effectively, so you can focus on your own business mission in Rhode Island.

At HR Knowledge, we have always set high expectations for the client experience. As HR Company in Rhode Island, we promise to be a value-added partner and trusted advisor. Our signature “concierge-level client service” is an important demarcation of our company, and we are committed to providing outstanding value to our clients. We have a dedicated and cohesive team that is committed to accomplishing these goals.

An HR Company ready to address the full breadth of Human Resource issues in Rhode Island
Human resource outsourcing for non-profit and not-for-profit organizations can increase the cash flow and profitability. As a non-profit organization, you strive to serve your customers, your community and your employees well. As an employer, you have a number of inherent HR risks, ranging from sexual harassment to wrongful termination that must be managed. To manage risk most effectively, it is imperative that you have your HR “house” in order and follow good HR practices.

As an HR company, HR Knowledge can expertly handle your HR administrative, payroll and benefits requirements in Rhode Island, which include:

  • Specialized reporting on a fiscal year basis
  • FUTA exempt
  • Total compensation statements (salary and other benefits)
  • Labor allocation
  • Labor distribution

By outsourcing the time consuming and tedious tasks of HR administration, payroll and benefits to an HR company, Rhode Island for-profit and non-profit organizations can reduce their costs by as much as 60 percent.