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Human Resource Services Rhode IslandAccording to recent studies, Rhode Island companies that invest in Human Resource (HR) Services and technology which allows their employees to service a number of their own human resources needs, can save up to 60 percent on HR transactional costs, and can expect to see a return on their investment (ROI) in less than one year. But these types of solutions have typically only been available for a very high up-front cost – until now.

A HR Services Solution for Rhode Island

HR Knowledge delivers integrated Human Resource (HR) Services to small and medium sized companies in Rhode Island for only a modest initial implementation fee and a low ongoing service fee. In other words, HR Knowledge embraces the power of technology to make your company’s human resources functions more efficient and more effective – and to empower your employees with information 24/7 through a simple Internet connection.

Our employee self-service feature gives Rhode Island employees simple and continual access to their payroll and benefits information, anytime, anywhere. This, in turn, provides your Human Resource (HR) Services Rhode Island team with more time to successfully execute the vital task of recruiting and retaining the best possible workforce.

Employee / Manager Self-Service Is Key to Human Resource Services to Rhode Island Companies

The technology improves employee relations by empowering everyone in your organization, while simultaneously reducing the administrative workload for your HR and payroll departments. For example, employees can access personal information about employment history, earnings, and reviews, as well as make any necessary changes to phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts.