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Outsourced Human Resources Rhode IslandOutsourced Human Resources Companies in Rhode Island are a proven way to contain costs, minimize risk, and relieve your HR administrative burden. For human resource outsourcing companies, Rhode Island businesses can turn to the experts at HR Knowledge. HR Outsourcing for Rhode Island companies by HR Knowledge includes assistance with employer-related risks and compliance, as well as management of those necessary but time-consuming HR administrative tasks. By using our human resource outsourcing company, Rhode Island organizations have the added advantage of utilizing the skills of human resource experts that can provide a full spectrum of professional HR services in a cost effective manner.

When we first take on a client, we conduct a comprehensive HR Audit. This enables our team to identify key initiatives and programs that need fine tuning or further development as we create or repair the HR infrastructure.

Our programs include a vast array of services, making us a top choice for your human resource outsourcing company. Rhode Island organizations can turn to HR Knowledge for hiring, employee relations, compliance assistance, best practices and training to reduce their risks as employers.

HR Outsourcing for Rhode Island charter schools and small businesses

Charter School human resource compliance and charter school management can be streamlined and cost effective with our human resource outsourcing company. Rhode Island charter schools and small businesses alike can take full advantage of the programs offered by HR Knowledge.

Do more with less and stay compliant. HR Knowledge has invested time and resources to understand the Charter School movement in Rhode Island. HR Knowledge has the expertise to address the specific Payroll, HR, MTRS and Benefit challenges that Charter Schools encounter. Our list of satisfied Rhode Island Charter Schools has grown to over 40 schools. We work with schools all over the country and continue to grow this segment of the business consistently.

Benefits of Using Our Human Resource Outsourcing Company in Rhode Island:

Retirement Management and Expertise

    • Specialized retirement calculations, reporting and file transfers, like the Rhode Island Teachers Retirement Board (MTRB)
    • Expertise and Support with other Retirement Systems for Non-teachers, Like OBRA Governmental 457 Plan, 403B and 529 plans

Group Benefits Support

      • Expert Understanding and Decision Making support surrounding the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) for Rhode Island Public Employees
      • Analysis between procuring benefits as a stand-alone entity versus through the GIC
      • Benefit communication and support
      • Provide employees with “Benefits at a Glance”, online payroll, benefit access and call center support

Specialized Reporting and Audit Support

      • Labor reports distributed by cost center (both calendar and fiscal year) for budgeting
      • Annual HR audit and the implementation of efficient & proven “Best Practices” to manage new hires, employee changes and terminations
      • DOE Audit Support surrounding the MTRB and Personnel Files

Outsourced Human Resource Support

    • Call Center support to assist school leadership with sensitive and day to day HR issues