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3 Tips To Handling Organizational Change Like The NE Patriots

By September 29, 2011February 19th, 2015No Comments

iStock_000017197942XSmallHR professionals are like the Coach for the Patriots.  Every time there is a pending organizational change, the HR team has the responsibility to creating the playbook.

Merger or aquisition can be scary words to your employees. HR professionals play a critical role in handling organizational change and defending the pass. Workforce reduction or department dissolution are a fact of today’s workplace, and if displaced employees are not handled correctly, it can poison the team.

There are 3 critical components that HR pros must be aware of when dealing with any organizational changes.   These include:

1. Communication. Just as the Patriots have symbols that are conveyed to the players to everyone knows which way the team will run, so do HR professionals act as the the educators and communicators of any game change plan.  Like the football team, the employees NEED to know the details – when and why the change is taking place and how they will be affected.

2. Knowldege. Before the game, the competition is assessed and a game plan is created.  So too, must the HR department assure that  the business aspects of the change are shared.  As the HR team, your role is to assist the employees with understanding how the change may impact them in order to avoid misperceptions and alleviate fears.

3. Morale. Before each game, the Patriots have a pep talk, and they enter the field with enthusiasm.  When there is a massive change to be made, it’s better when HR shares the changes and the plan.  Uncertainly causes fear.  To avoid uncertainty, the lines of communciation  should be open, the plan should be conveyed and the HR team becomes the counseling team to both management and line.

Organizational change can be very emotional.  HR’s role as the “quarterback”, facilitates communication throughout the organization and leading the team to success.

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