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5 Keys To Recruiting Process Management

By January 10, 2012February 19th, 2015No Comments

27_2520977Hiring new employees can be a challenge.  For recruiting process management,  it is vital to hire the right person because the costs for not hiring the right person the first time can be very high.  As a matter of fact statistics say the cost for not hiring the right person can be as low as $30,000 and as high as $120,000 depending upon the position being hired.

  1. Make sure prospective employees have the right attitude. A person can possess all of the skills in the world but if their attitude is not great good luck in working with this new employee.  Attitude is everything when hiring good employees.  If they have the right attitude they will go through the wall for you.  They will be eager to learn new things, and not be afraid to admit where they might be insufficient.  In this day and age many people have a hard time admitting fault in anything or taking accountability for their own actions, attitude is vital!
  2. Don’t hire family and friends!  This can be a fatal mistake by employers.  Hiring family and friends is the wrong thing to do as when there is a family illness, death or crisis this can affect your family and friends thereby creating challenges and stress on the business.  When hiring family and friends if things don’t work out, you now have a major challenge moving forward with that family member.
  3. Don’t sell the interview candidate.  Explaining the positives to working at your company is effective but going beyond that can end in the result that you sell that person to work for you.  You want new employees that see the outstanding value to being an employee at your company on their own.
  4. Trust your instinct!  If your instinct is telling you something then ask more probing questions from the candidate.  Listen to your gut.  Check references, after offering the job make sure you perform a background check in case there is something in their past that would make you think twice about hiring that person.
  5. Get the background information. Their historical success or failures are likely to be a forecast as to how they will do in the future.  Make sure you inspect their past and understand their past.  If they have been moving from job to job every year, multiple times then that candidate is likely to continue that moving forward.  Get to know their past by asking probing questions.  Make sure there are no gaps in their resume, if you notice that they were employed on 2-2009 through 3-2010 and their next job commences on 11-2010 ask probing questions to find out what transpired during that 8 month gap.

Making bad hiring decisions can be costly.  Understanding the hiring process and how to hire the best candidates for employment isn’t always easy, but these short tips can help.

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